Lotus Health & Fitness - In-home Personal Training and Nutrition Counseling
About Us

Lotus Health & Fitness was started by me, Michele Krushinski, in order to bring my passion and experience for whole health - mind, body and spirit - to clients starting with strengthening their bodies and helping them feel empowered.

I know what it is like to struggle with weight issues and the emotional issues that come along for the ride. By spending years focusing on whole health versus fixing one problem and ignoring the others, I was able to reach a place of health and happiness so that I can reach out to others and guide them on their journey.

The goal of Lotus Health & Fitness is to help men and women feel better and stronger in order to get through everyday life with less aches and pains. I am not about the "muscle head" style of training.

Every client has a different plan based on their assessment and goals. I will work with your doctor or physical therapist if you are coming off an injury or post-surgery/illness to insure you are healing and improving properly. Your health is of the utmost importance.

I made the switch from corporate America to fitness and nutrition in order to follow my heart. After going back to school to get my diploma in Personal Training and Nutrition Counseling at The National Personal Training Institute in Philadelphia, PA, I trained clients in a studio training facility, a big box gym and finally on my own.

Clients include men and women ranging in age from 23 - 76 who are:
  • looking to improve general strength
  • recovering from major illness
  • recovering from eating disorders
  • trying to lose/gain weight
  • ex-college athletes
  • trying to improve in a specific sport
  • recovering from injury

I believe that you can achieve whatever goals you set if you are willing to put in the work.

With an in-home trainer you do not have the added cost of a gym membership. No one is watching you except for your trainer. Form comes first so you will not be doing exercises you cannot safely complete. You have someone who genuinely cares for you.

Lotus Health & Fitness services lower Fairfield County and areas of New Haven County.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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